18 Things Only People Wearing Glasses Will Understand

Because you've had enough of people asking if you can see anything without glasses.




People who wear glasses, and/or are essentially blind without them, will know what I'm saying when I say that ​life with glasses is hard.

You need to choose the right frame, right colour, right shape, and they're expensive as hell! And worst of all, putting up with people thinking you're a different breed of human beings and have 10,000 questions for you every time you take off your glasses for a second about how you see the world now.

If you've had enough with people automatically assuming you're a nerd, if you wear glasses, then read on:

Happens to the best of us...

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The struggle is real...

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We've already kissed goodbye to all our romantic rain fantasies.

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This one just #OwnsIt

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This loving exchange between a mother and daughter has happened to you too.

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You share a love-hate relationship with eye makeup...

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This traumatizing experience...

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You basically can't eat or drink anything hot without getting temporarily blinded.

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Because we may not admit it, but this has happened to all of us at some point

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We relate to this comic more than anything in the world.

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