There are Only 3 White Rhinos Left on the ENTIRE Planet!

Following the death of Nola, a 41 year old northern white rhino, there are only 3 of its kind left on Earth.




Nola, a critically endangered northern white rhinoceros, died on Sunday, leaving only 3 white rhinoceros in the whole world.

The 41 year old rhinoceros had surgery following an infection, but her health had started failing and she passed away on sunday. 

The zoo released the following statement after her demise:

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Soon supporters started sharing their grief over Nola's death on social media:

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The zoo appealed to the world to fight for these endangered rhinos with this statement, "Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for your heartfelt condolences. We are deeply saddened, but determined to remain hopeful and never give up. To honor Nola's legacy, we ask you all to please join us in the fight to #EndExtinction: http://endextinction.org/rhinos.