Uh Oh! An Astronaut Dialed the Wrong Number From Space...

...and here's what happened!




​We love the fact that astronauts can tweet from space for their updates sure keep us mighty entertained. Major Tim Peake, Britain's first astronaut, who's currently on a space mission accidently called the wrong number recently while trying to call home from space.

Considering it's holiday season, we're guessing Major Tim wanted to wish his family, but he unfortunately phoned the wrong person. But he quickly tweeted this from the International Space Station (check below) to clarify that he just misdialled and it wasn't a prank call:

[twitter ]https://twitter.com/astro_timpeake/status/680162260946423808[/twitter]

Well, don't know about that lady, but we'd be thrilled if we ever got a call from space and even more so if it was the ET calling #JustSaying!