5 Mind-Blowing Predictions of How Our Lifestyle Will Change in a 100 Years!

Can 2116 come right now?




Researchers over at Samsung SmartThings have released a report predicting major changes in our lifestyle, because of technology, in 100 years. These predictions may or may not include downloadable food, underwater cities and self repairing homes. 

SPOILER: They do include these!

According to Dr. Maggie Aderin-Pocock, co-author of the Samsung SmartThings Future Living report, our lives have changed in quantum leaps from what they were a 100 years ago, and with the advent of Internet and technology, it is safe to say that we should expect a massive difference in our lifestyle sin the years to come.

Here are 5 major predictions about how our lifestyles will change by 2116:

1) We'll be living and working in 'earthscrapers' and aquatic cities.

While there will be skyscrapers in the future, we will also have 'earthscrapers' burrowing under the earth's surface, up to 25 storeys deep at least! 

Also we would have fully functioning cities under water, using the oxygen from the water for breathing and hydrogen for fuel.

2) Personal flying drones that will also carry your home with you on your holidays.

The drones will be so powerful that they would be able to transport your entire home so that you don't have to leave behind any possession when you're going out. Puts the whole extra baggage weight at the airport thing into perspective, yeah?

3) You won't ever need to decorate or repair your home.

Your walls will be fitted with LED screens that would change according to your mood and movable parts that would enable the change of layout of your home in case you feel like it.

4) 3-D printed gourmet meal in a minute.

You will soon (in a hundred years, ok!) be able to download food,  from any restaurant you want in just a few minutes, and 3-D print it, which FYI will be on a rise.

5) We can have space holidays. Like legit 'summer-in-Mars' space holidays.

How cool does this sound?! This almost beats downloading food...no..nothing beats downloading food!

OK, so in another 100 years, your family holidays can take place on Mars or the moon if you feel like. Imagine the holiday album...

Here, watch the video of Dr. Maggie Aderin-Pocock talk about the future:

[youtube ]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=79ykh8-KtsM[/youtube]

Back to the Future is becoming real and real everyday, guys!