This Man Went From Barber to Billionaire

...and he still gives a haircut for a 100 bucks!




From giving haircuts in a little salon to owning a Rolls Royce...Ramesh Babu's story of going billionaire to barber is quite interesting. He started his career by running a salon 'Inner Space' in 1991 and today, has reached the stage where he's a proud owner of a car rental business—and can keep running where he can run thousands of such salons. How did he do it all by himself,  you ask? Well, his journey wasn't exactly a breeze.

When his father died, Ramesh was fresh out of the 10th grade—and to keep things going for his family, he took to being a barber to pay the bills. 

But Ramesh didn't want to just be a barber all his life- he decided to buy a Maruti Omni from his teeny savings and started to rent it—which turned out to be maybe the best decision of his life. The rentals from this business started showing an upward trend and by the end of 2004, he had  a crazy, successful luxury car enterprise.

Even though Ramesh's business is in major leagues but he still pays a visit to his salon regularly, he shared in an interview, "Every morning at 6, I go to the garage to check on the business. Then, by 10:30, I'm in the office. And every evening without fail by 5:30, I'm at our salon. There are also people who specially come in to get haircuts from me. I have a loyal client base from Kolkata and Mumbai as well." ​ Today, the man owns more than 50 cars! Oh, and did we tell you that his collection of mean machines include the choicest BMWs,  Audis ...and even a Rolls Royce! 

Hmmm...Maybe it's time to head to barber school. 

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