So India's Pollution is Now Worse Than China

Nope, not kidding!




Yup, it's official! India's pollution has now surpassed China's notorious pollution level. According to Greenpeace's recent analysis of NASA's satellite data,  in 2015, the average particular matter exposure was higher in India than in China.

According to Greenpeace "China's strong measures to curb pollution have contributed to the biggest year-on-year air quality improvement on record while in contrast, India's pollution levels continued a decade-long increase to reach the highest level on record". Greenpeace concluded that some of the most polluted cities in India include Delhi (read more here), Patna, Ahmedabad, Lucknow and Agra.

Greenpeace also confirmed that 15 out of 17 Indian cities with National Air Quality Index stations shows levels of air pollution that were much higher than the official limit. 

The immense amount of pollution is putting the Indian citizens at serious health risks which includes respiratory, heart and hung disease. 

How to protect yourself
Greenpeace suggests 3 ways to protect yourself from pollution:
1) Wear a Mask: Wear a N95 mask whenever possible
2) Reduce activity: Stay indoors during the most polluted days
3) Air conditioners: Set your air conditioner to inner circulation