13 British TV Actors You NEED to Watch and (Probably) Obsess Over RN!

*hears accent, swoons*




1) Henry Cavill

You might know him as the friendly, neighbourhood alien/ superhero Superman in Man of Steel, ​but remember when he played the hot, and kind of a jerk, character in Tudors?

2) Benedict Cumberbatch

There can be no list of British actors compiled without mentioning Ben C's name in it (aside from the list of British female actors, but that's pretty obvious, I hope...!). Benedict Cumberbatch has set unrealistic expectations for women, and otters, across the globe and you can see why...

3) Matt Smith

There's nothing hotter than a time traveller whose fashion sense is on point throughout time and space, because bow ties are cool.

4) Hugh Dancy

I must confess, I've never seen an episode of Hannibal. But I have seen Confessions of A Shopaholic multiple times and based on my not-so-slight crush on Luke Brandon, I guess his Will Graham will be pretty swoon worthy too.

5) Andrew Lincoln

Forgetting his checkered past as a kind-of-a-jerk in Love Actually, Andrew Lincoln is the one man who makes a zombie apocalypse look good!

6) Hugh Laurie

Admit it, even though Dr.House seemed like a regular pain in the rear, a smart pain in the rear but pain nonetheless, you had a tiny (not so tiny, in my case) crush on him. Plus, he makes tired, lived in look seem hot.

7) Tom Hopper

If you've ever seen Merlin, you'll know what I'm talking about when I say: ARMS!

8) Bradley James

​Whether it's brave King Arthur or brunette, rockstar zombie Lowell, Bradley James is perfection.

9) Alexander Vlahos

Even though his character was the worst in Merlin, Alex Vlahos is just too damn adorable to hold Mordred's cruel betrayal against him.

10) Kit Harrington

JON SNOW (who is not dead, he can't be)! Even though he might not know anything, he is still hot, as far as Northerners go.

11) Ed Skrein

You might remember him from his brief stint as Daario Naharis in Game of Thrones, or the evil villain in Deadpool more recently. 

12) Freddie Stroma

If you haven't seen UnReal till now then you should. Like RN. Adam Cromwell, as the eligible 'Bachelor' on the show is equal parts hot and jerk, which we have come to know by now is an irresistible combination.

13) Richard Madden

Robb Stark...never forget...