Aparna Badlani Tells Us How to Be Awesome at Shopping

The owner of the multi-designer store, ATOSA, suggests one should keep their focus on things they really want to buy.




Where do you like shopping the most? 

"It's a mix of thrift shops, designer brands, high-street labels and flea markets."

What pieces do you look for when thrift/flea shopping?

 "Interesting accessories. A lot of my accessories are from flea markets from across the world. You always end up finding good pieces there!"

Which shopping websites should we be checking daily for good deals?

 "I'm not big on online shopper, but I regularly visit ASOS, net-a-porter.com and koovs.com."

What are your top three tips to being a better shopper?

 "Focus on what you have gone to buy—it's so easy to get distracted and lose your way. Keep an eye out for good bargains, and, if possible, carry your shoes and accessories to match your clothes and vice versa, to save time!"

As a buyer for ATOSA, what do you look for in clothes?

"The style and finish of the product. Plus, the price of the product...whether it's worth the money I'm paying for it or not."

What's the one thing shoppers should be on the lookout for?

"New products, labels, and designers. They come in with a fresh approach and perspective. And good bargains! Doing a bit of research always helps."

What is your shopping philosophy?

"I usually know what I want the minute I see it. I don't ever sit and think or mull over buying something. If I can afford it, it's bought in a jiffy!"