This Indian Restaurant has Started Up a Public Fridge!

And the reason behind it is super-inspiring




Here's a story of this heroic fridge that has taken the onus to bring smiles on the faces of destitute and has a become a source of happiness for hundreds in Kochi.

'Nanma Maram' or the 'Tree of Goodness', this refrigerator has been installed outside a restaurant  Pappadavada, where anyone can drop off leftover food—and that food, in turn, can be picked up by the hungry and the homeless.

The brainchild of owner Minu Pauline, the idea struck when she heard about the 'coffee on the wall' concept, common in many countries and inspired her to do her bit to feed the poor. This 'public fridge' functions around the clock, and the response from the public so far has been amazing. While many buy food specially to contribute to the fridge, Minu encourages locals to bring the leftover food from their own homes which would otherwise go to waste.

The restaurant not only bears the maintenance cost of the fridge, but also makes sure to put 50 individually wrapped parcels of food in it every single day. The fridge has a marker in it, so every food donor can fill out the date of packing to ensure the food is consumed without it getting stale, or rotting.

And how would someone avoid the whole pilfering angle of it all? "I'll just put my faith in the goodness of people," Minu told the media in an interview.