5 Incredibly AMAZING Workouts for Your Entire Body

Yep, we are totally serious!




There are many exercises that target specific parts of your body, but did you know there are several exercises that can work out your entire body at once?! Here are our favourite full body exercises you will love... even if you are completely sore after!

1) SquatsSquats help to tone your legs, butt and strengthen your core. For those interested in increasing the intensity of the squat, add weights.

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2) LungesAnother amazing exercise that will test your balance (especially if you add weights!), tone your legs while giving you an insanely plump backside.

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3) Push UpsThe perfect exercise to help build your upper body strength while toning your abs in no time!

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4) BurpeesOur favourite exercise to work out pretty much every muscle in your body without any equipment at all.

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5) PlankA kickass exercise that will work out your upper and lower body, while quickly straightening your core. Planks also helps to improve your posture.

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