9 Things to Watch on Netflix If You Like "Mean Girls"

For all the times when Mean Girls itself isn't on Netflix.




You've probably seen Mean Girls at least 100 times by this point and can recite the entire thing backward and in heels, but unfortunately it's not a permanent fixture on Netflix. For those dark times, please consult this list of 9 other things similar in vibe to the Lindsay Lohan masterpiece. Not pictured: Mean Girls 2, because what kind of Mean Girls sequel doesn't feature Regina George? 

1. Heathers

There's no denying that Mean Girls is a classic of its time, but without Heathers, the original tale of high-school evildoing, there is no Mean Girls. Winona Ryder stars as Veronica Sawyer, a nerd trying to fit in with the hated but popular Heathers. Once she meets a hot rebel named J.D. (Christian Slater), everything goes to hell faster than Cady Heron projectile vomiting on Aaron Samuels. At the very least, you'll pick up some new vocabulary and finally learn the origin of the phrase, "What's your damage, Heather?"

2. Clueless

The probability that you are a Mean Girls superfan and have not already seen Clueless is extremely low, but just in case, here it is. Now do you prefer fashion victim or ensembly challenged?

3. Bring It On

Wasn't the early to mid-2000s such a blessed time for teen movies? Having recently watched this on ABC Family — excuse me, Freeform — I can confirm that it still holds up 16 years later. Also, Jesse Bradford is still hot.

4. Gossip Girl

If Regina George transferred to Constance Billard School for Girls, the battles between her and Blair Waldorf would be so epic that the entire Upper East Side would end up in flames. Dan Humphrey would also probably try to date her (but of course she would crush him).

5. Legally Blonde

Elle Woods is what Regina George would be if she was less worried about ruining other people's lives and more focused on making something of her life. To be fair, Elle initially went to law school for a boy, but she discovered herself in the process so it all turned out fine in the end.

6. Get Over It

Truthfully, this movie has very little in common with Mean Girls other than the fact that it's set in a high school, but it is without question the most underrated gem in Kirsten Dunst's filmography. Ben Foster plays Berke, who joins the school play (a horrifically bad musical version of A Midsummer Night's Dream) to win back his ex-girlfriend. Shane West also stars as an ex-member of a boy band called Swingtown Lads, famous for their hit single "Love Scud." Why are you not watching this yet?

7. Teaching Mrs. Tingle

In Mean Girls, the Plastics have to deal with the fallout of insinuating that Ms. Norbury sells drugs. In Teaching Mrs. Tingle, Katie Holmes and her pals have to deal with the fallout of kidnapping their teacher, tying her to the bed, and trying to shoot her with a crossbow. High-school is so crazy in the movies.

8. Pretty Little Liars

The three-way calling sneak attack is a rude move, but the girls of Rosewood make Regina George and her minions look like angels. In the second episode of the show, you find out that they accidentally blinded someone by committing arson. That prank with the Kalteen bars looks positively kind by comparison. 

9. Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Before she was Carrie Bradshaw, Sarah Jessica Parker was Janey Glenn, a Chicago teen who just wants to dance on television (even in 1985 people wanted to be reality stars). Keep your eyes peeled for Heathers' Shannen Doherty, who's basically been in every seminal teen movie and TV show of the late '80s and early '90s.