5 Ways to Turn Junk Food Into Healthy Food

Substitute these ingredients and start losing weight!




1.Fried Chicken

  • Instead of frying them in oil use cooking spray.
  • Even better, instead of frying them at all, oven-fry them

2. Burgers

  • Instead of frying the patty, grill it.
  • Instead of using mayonnaise, use mustard sauce

3. Sandwiches 

  • Instead of white flour bread, use whole grain breads.
  • Use either butter or mayonnaise on only one side of the bread. 

4. Pizza 

  • Instead of chicken or bacon or pepperoni, use vegetable toppings.
  • Instead of thick crust, go for thin or whole grain crust. 

5. Cakes 

  • Instead of white flour, use whole wheat flour.
  • Instead of sugar, use applesauce.