Are Workout Selfies Really Inspirational or Just Annoying?

Cosmo finds out...

​At the 7th Annual Google I/O Developer Conference, CEO Sundar Pichai revealed that we take 93 million selfies everyday, and that's just Android users! Which explains the rise of all kinds of selfie trends—#Duckfie, #Shoefie, #Belfie, and #Felfie (that's a farmer selfie. Yes, we're serious). But perhaps the most debatable of all is the #Healthie—you know, when someone posts about their super-healthy #gymsesh or their amazing #juicecleanse or how amazing it feels to finally meet their #absgoals. Now if your idea of a workout is walking to the market to buy tampons, then those posts probably annoy the sh*t out of you. And you're most certainly not alone. A recent study found that fitness selfies are seriously stressing millennials out. In fact, 62 percent believe "fitness selfies on social media puts unrealistic pressure on young people."

Of course, there's another side to the story. Many social media users believe workout selfies—especially on celebrities—actually fuel their own fitness resolutions. As one Cosmo reader told us, "Seeing a friend's abs on Instagram made me join the gym—after putting it off for years!" The question remains: does a picture of Jacqueline Fernandez doing Pilates (and looking sexy doing it) push you to put in an extra half hour in the gym or just 'Unfollow' her altogether? 

What You said...

We asked five girls what they thought about that #gymselfie. And here's what they had to say... 

"Posts by celebs like Sonakshi Sinha do inspire, because you know they weren't always fit."

—Chandni Aggarwal, 26

"I'm really into fitness so I do get inspired. I even follow people so that I'm constantly motivated."

—Jeevika Tyagi, 26

"Seeing pictures of you losing weight won't inspire me. If my pants no longer fit, that will." 

—Ishika Bhagat, 26

"Posts that mock people who don't work out really annoy me. I'm just like, 'get over yourself'." 

—Aakriti Kaila, 22

"I don't care about why people do it, but if you've managed to tone up and you're proud of it, that's inspiring." 

—Ishita Matharu, 25