7 Easy Food Combos That'll Help You Fight Most Health Problems

And they taste darn good, too!




1. Spinach Garlic Curry and Barley Bread - Heart Friendly Meal

Garlic contains allicin, a compound that protects against heart disease and helps in lowering cholesterol, and barley cuts cholesterol and makes you full.

2. Ragi Porridge - For Calcium

Raagi is a great source of dietary calcium. Adding milk to it will make it a really good source of calcium that's known to promote bone health.

3. Alu Paratha, Bananas and Yogurt - Post Workout Meal

Any good combination of carbs and protein makes an ideal post workout meal. Fibre-rich potatoes contain fast absorbing complex carbs, which help restore the body's glycogen levels post a gruelling few hours at the gym. Consume it immediately after your workout for best results.

4. Mango Smoothie - For Better Sleep

Both milk and yogurt contain Trytophan, a compound that induces sleep and relieves stress. Mangoes, being low in protein, induce serotonin.

5. Idli and Vegetable Sambar - Best Pre Workout Meal

Idli and sambar are a super combo of carbs and protein. Idlis release instant carboy energy for your workout and the protein in sambar helps in the absorption of carbs. Eat an hour before hitting that treadmill.

6. Multi-Grain Bread and Bitter Gourd - To Control Blood Sugar

Scientifically proven to reduce high blood-glucose levels, this combo contains a bunch of chemical ingredients that help to prevent spike in sugar levels.

7. Pearl Millet and Black Lentils - Best Gluten Free Combo

Easy to digest, pearl millet is a gluten-free grain. Combining it with black lentils makes it a delicious option for the gluten-unhappy amongst us.

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