This Artist Explains How We've Been Drawing Female Superheroes All Wrong

For instance, how can a girl fight crime while wearing heels?!!




In case you haven't already noticed, female characters in comics tend to be overtly sexualised, especially superheroes. For instance, think of Wonder Woman and the first things that come to mind are skimpy outfit, ample bosom, smoking-hot bod...basically all things sexy, and only then do we come to her superpowers! 

And that's not cool. If you're serious about 'feminism' and 'misogyny', it can be annoying that a section of comics and films still see superheroes in such a sexist manner. 

Renae De Liz, an upcoming artist, recently drew a brilliant sketch, depicting how a female superhero should look like in real life, and backed up her changes with some pretty sound logic. For instance, superheroes can't have breasts that are sticking out (especially in an off-shoulder top) when they've to run, jump, and fight crime—they could pop-out any time! Nor do they can practically afford to have red-pouty lips 24X7...even we can't, right?!?

Here, take a look at her Facebook post...

[facebook ]https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10208151440877003&set=a.10201257465011915.1073741827.1030479983&type=3&theater[/facebook]

P.S. it's great to see an artist taking up this issue and fighting for it. Pow!