5 Totally Ridiculous Beer Myths: Busted

And an expert weighed in!




1. ​Careless Calories:

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Anyone who ever said, "beer has a lot of calories," has never been more mis-led. The liquid gold that comes straight off the tap can never be deemed as sinful. It's the comfort food that goes with it (that thin-crust pizza you ordered?) that actually piles on the calories. Pizza and beer are like coffee and cream; one would be incomplete without the other. To put things into perspective, 100 grams of low-fat cupcake has 305 calories whereas, 100 grams of beer has just about 43 calories. We rest our case.

2. Beer Belly:

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'Beer drinker, the belly says it all!" This statement is as false as 'never trust a lean chef'. Yes, beer does have calories, and yes, excessive drinking can lead to unhealthy weight gain but that's not only true for that delicious barley water. In fact, patients of kidney stones are advised to drink beer (under doc's orders, of course). It keeps nastiness like diabetes and osteoporosis also at bay, again if had in controlled amounts. This statement isn't a prescription, even if you want it to be.

3. The darker, the better:

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One of the best things about beer is that each one, can have one. There is a brew that is suited for every kind of taste bud. While some swear by Stout, others need their dose of wheat beer and others like 'em blonde!

4. Beer is bitter:

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Not always. Certain craft beers tend to be quite a hit among first timers for their fruity and funky flavours. For early adopters and enthusiasts for its best to go with mild, low in bitterness, spicy citrus taste that goes oh-so-well with a slice of orange. Time to convert!

5. Sediments = bad beer:

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Let's not jump to conclusions so soon. Many people complain about 'floaties' in beer bottles or 'something' settled at the bottom of the bottle. That is yeast which settles down post manufacture. All that needs to be done is, swirl the bottle and allow it to regain the murky texture that looks like the colour of the evening sky on a cloudy day - pleasant, beautiful and worth soaking in.

With inputs from Ms. Ankeeta Pawa, Evangelist @ Bira 91​