7 Gifts That'll Be Cherished Forever

We're giving you the BEST ideas EVER.

21 March, 2018
7 Gifts That'll Be Cherished Forever

While there is no dearth of options, we've picked out seven great gifts that'll make anyone's day and bring a smile to their faces year after year! ​

1) A Mini-Vacay

Gift your loved-ones a beautiful experience—it could be as humble as a cottage holiday in the hills, or as grand as a lavish cruise. Planning a holiday for someone starts with prep—get details on their schedules and vacay preferences. PS: It's best to book something flexible—just in case there are any last minute changes.

2) Polaroid Camera

We know, we know—it's the digital age, and almost everyone has mobile phones with great cameras. But trust us, a polaroid camera never gets old. It is a fun, vintage way to capture some totally 'festive' moments—and make memories you can keep forever! The ultimate throwback present, in our opinion.

3) A watch

Everybody needs one (because there's no fun in checking the time on your smartphone)—but it doesn't have to be just functional. A stylish, versatile watch isn't just a great investment, it's a keepsake.

For instance, we're currently obsessed with the new Longines Dolce Vita. It is not only the perfect arm candy but also a very practical choice that comes with scratchproof glass, a beautiful diamond-studded case and solid water resistance. Find more here.

4) Art

Great art only appreciates in value—and a stunning painting or sculpture brings joy into your home just by being there, every day. If you do a little recce of their tastes, buying someone art is always an A+ idea.

5) Limited Edition Fragrance

A great perfume can instantly lift a person's mood and leave them feeling good all day. Our recommendation? Choose a Limited Ed fragrance—it just makes the gift a little extra special, don't you think?

6) Luxury handbag / wallet

If you can afford to get someone a luxury handbag, there is absolutely no better gift for a woman who loves her couture. A girl saves for a while to get herself a keepsake luxury bag—and if you can give her one, you can be sure she'll treasure it all her life. A great wallet can bring the same kind of joy for a style-conscious man.

7) Diamond earrings/ cufflinks

Yes, this one's a sure shot winner! Diamonds are a woman's best friend (for a reason), but we're pretty sure men aren't as averse to them as you might imagine. A pair of diamond cufflinks are just subtle enough—with total 'forever' badge value!