Steamy sex positions for when you want to go deep

Feel everything your partner has to offer!

04 December, 2023
Steamy sex positions for when you want to go deep

While the definition of ‘mindblowing sex’ varies from person to person, I think we can all agree that it’s more about the journey than the destination. No offence to orgasms (we are big, big fans), but there is something so erotic about exploring your partner’s body during a passionate round that leaves you both out of breath the big O is a bonus. And if you’re looking to take your sexy times to the next level and spice things up even more, you can try some deep penetration positions.  

Do bear in mind though that deep penetration might not be for everyone. So, if it’s something you’ve never tried before use lube (lots of it) and relax. These positions know how to show you a good time while feeling everything your partner has to offer! 


The beauty of Face-off is that it lets you control the pace and angle of penetration. To try it, have your partner (the penetrator) sit on the edge of the bed, on a couch or a in chair, while you sit on their lap and ride them. It’s even hotter than it sounds because it leaves their hands free to roam all over your body (or play with your clit) and you can harness the power of a good old makeout session to double down on the pleasure. This is a simple enough, fuss-free position you should try ASAP, especially if you and your partner are a fan of cowgirl.  

Flat iron  

Before you try this at home, we have to issue a warning: This position can leave you sore AF (in the best way but still). It’s basically a version of the doggy position that doesn’t leave your arms feeling like you’ve just lifted a 20kg dumbbell. The receiver lies on their stomach and their partner lies on top and enters from behind. To make it smoother, the receiver could try sticking a pillow below their hips. This position offers mutual pleasure with the added benefit of some intimacy that is missing in doggy. 

Pretzel Dip  

The Pretzel Dip is yet another position you will not regret adding to your sex position repertoire. Don’t let the name frighten you, it doesn’t require your bones to be made of rubber. It’s a very underrated position that offers deep penetration along with opportunities to work on your sextimacy. We’re talking about eye contact and happy hands (if you catch our drift). In this position, the receiver lies on their side while the penetrating partner straddles the leg that is on the bottom and enters. For better support, the receiver can wrap their other leg around their partner’s side.  

The Cowgirl’s Helper 

A position that allows you to take charge and go as deep and as hard as you’d like on your G-spot, the Cowgirl’s Helper is as spicy as it sounds. Like the classic Cowgirl, the receiver gets on top and begins riding (pro tip: grind, don’t bounce) with one slight tweak — their partner supports their weight and thrusts to match the receiver’s movements. This can take some time to get the hang of but once you do, this position has the potential to leave you with some deep, G-spot orgasms