7 Useful Tips to Appear More Confident at Your Next Job Interview

...even when you're flipping out!

21 March, 2018
7 Useful Tips to Appear More Confident at Your Next Job Interview

#1. Maintain eye contact at all times

The easiest way to give off a confident vibe is keeping natural eye contact throughout the conversation. Avoid looking down or looking away from your interviewer as it not only makes you look nervous but also disinterested.

But don't look into their eyes too intently or you'll end up creeping the ef out of them.

#2. Don't ramble

Rambling is the most definitive sign of nervousness- know when to take a pause while you're speaking and also when to be silent. Keep your responses brief and crisp, and stick to the topic being discussed.

#3. Be Present

Stay focused and fully engaged in the conversation. Express your enthusiasm by being prompt in your answers. Don't let your mind wander towards insecurities or negative feelings.

4. Use power-postures

Power posing is the ultimate trick to assert confidence even when you're not feeling confident. Your body language not only decides how other people see you, but also how you see yourself. Readjust your body posture just before the interview.

5. Smile Often

Everyone likes a pleasant personality. Drop that serious 'interview' face and have a subtle smile on your face while making the conversation. However, know the difference between a fake, creepy smile and a genuine one.

6. Keep a normal tone

Keep the tone of your voice very relaxed and free from hesitation. Speak in a volume that's audible- always remember, you don't have to be loud to be convincing.

7. Just breathe

The final and the most important takeaway- count on long, deep breaths to calm yourself down in an instant.