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Here's Exactly What Your Body Goes Through During the 28-Day Menstrual Cycle

Okay, so that explains the mood swings. 

The menstrual cycle is a fascinating (read crazy, painful, maddening, and a big hassle) process. Every month a female body goes through a 28-day menstrual cycle, where the uterus meticulously prepares a cushy lining for the foetus to reside and grow. Yes, every single month.

When the egg released by the ovaries does not get fertilised in time, the estrogen and progesterone levels in the body decline rapidly. This sends a signal to the body that a foetus will not be using the comfy pad prepped by the uterus, and hence, this lining of membrane and mucus gets released by the body. Well, hello, menstruation!

But, this process doesn't just affect our bodies but also our mood. If you've ever wondered what causes the notorious Premenstrual Syndrome, or why you're experiencing countless emotions at a time, watch this video and find out more: