Here's What Happened When These Foreigners Were Asked What These English Words Meant In India

Hint: they were totally off base!




​The fact that some common English words have totally different meanings in India is nothing new for all of us folks living in the subcontinent. 'Change', 'rubber', 'tape', the examples are endless. And regardless of which school or university you went to, chances are that you've used these words (or still use them) at some point or the other.

Exhibit A: there's nothing called an inch tape. It's a tape measure or a measuring tape.

So when Asian Boss (a YouTube channel) went out and asked foreigners what they thought these English words meant in India, the results were hilarious. There were words like "pass out", "PJ", "rubber", and "loose motion". In India "loose motion" is used to refer to diarrhea (you probably know that already), but the guys in the video thought it had something to do with a dance move. Just imagine!

You can check out the video down her. And make sure you pay special attention to the sick dance moves to "loose motion".

[youtube ]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HkJMxm-S7k8[/youtube]