7 Signs You Are No Longer In Love With Your Boyfriend

Love no more!




Remember the days when you felt a million butterflies in your stomach every time you hung out with your bf?! Ah, the young love!

But now, he is lucky if you can crack a smile when you two are hanging out. If you feel like your relationship is starting to feel like a job instead of love, you might not be into him anymore! Here are 7 telltale signs that confirms you are over your man and ready to move on!

1) You find other guys attractive.You often find yourself flirting and looking at other guys way more than you know you should.

2) He doesn't make you laugh.He used to have a sense of humor. Used to...

3) Your sex life sucks! It used to be fireworks... now it just feels like a drag!

4) You both want different things from your relationship.He's a lot more serious and you just wanna have fun!

5) His once adorable habits now annoying the sh*t out of you!"Why did I ever think that was cute?!"

6) You don't ever miss him.Gone are the days when you couldn't stand to be apart! Now? You barely think about him on the days you don't see him.

7) You are no longer emotionally with him.Your emotions and feelings are completely gone and you don't connect with him the way you used to.