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What are the Perks of Dating a Wallflower?

The pros and cons of being in a relationship with an introvert.

Love is indeed a wonderful thing. It is a source of inspiration for art, cinema and literature, as well as a driving force for many us. Being in a relationship can bring much joy to our lives, making every day just a little more special. While we can dream about being in a perfect relationship, IRL it can sometimes prove to be quite challenging. Two different people bring two distinct set of personalities to the table, and sometimes, it can be both difficult and exciting getting used to the one you are with.  


Take, for example, introverts. These shy and intelligent creatures can draw you to them with their mysterious appeal. Introverts are quiet people. Outgoing people often find themselves attracted to introverts because they find them fascinating. 

People in relationships often differ significantly, due to the simple reason that opposites do, indeed, attract. So, if you do end up dating an introvert, here are some pros and cons to help you understand what it can be like.

Pros of Dating an Introvert

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  • They are faithful to their partners: Introverts are known to stand by their words except for a few exceptions. When an introvert makes a commitment to date you, you are incredibly lucky because he/she will never cheat on you. Be assured that such person would never deceive you or lie to you. Introverts would rather break a relationship than cheat on their partners.
  • They are brilliant: Introverts are quiet people, and they spend most of their time reading books and learning about new things. So, if you date an introverted person, you will benefit immensely from their wealth of knowledge. 
  • They are less demanding and more giving: If you are looking for someone who is satisfied with whatever life has to offer, then you have to meet an introvert. One of the advantages of dating an introvert is the fact that he/she would demand little or nothing from you. These individuals keep their needs bottled up while they attend to the requests of others with joy.

Cons of Dating an Introvert

  • They don’t forgive easily: An introvert feels betrayed when someone hurts them. When dating an introvert, you are prone to have issues with forgiveness. An introvert would not talk about how you hurt his/her feeling. They will just keep quiet and hold onto it.
  • They resent social activities: A vast majority of introverts don’t like large gatherings, let alone attend any social outings. They like to stay indoor most times. After all, that is what makes them introvert in the first place. They hate going to events, parties or any occasions.

The verdict?

There is nothing extreme about the pros and cons of dating an introvert. In fact, no human being out there is perfect. What matters the most is whether you love the introverted person you are with and are able to accept them for who they are.