9 Hot Steps to Late Night Sex

Some things are better after midnight—like rip-your-clothes-off sex. Use these tips next time you want to bring the after-party back to your place...

  • Wear your slinkiest, laciest lingerie underneath your clothes, then let him sneak a quick peek throughout the night.  
  • In a dark hallway or corner of the party/bar/restaurant, surprise him with a quickie make out. Pin him against the wall, and give him a tongue-invasive, hands-tugging-hair kinda kiss. 
  • Excuse yourself to go to the restroom, then send him this text several minutes later: “Just touched myself while thinking about what I want you to do to me later.”
  • Grab some candy canes at a holiday party, and stash them in your purse. Sucking on pepper-mint right before you kiss him delivers a tingly sensation (the really good kind).
  • Squeeze your Kegel muscles while you’re talking to a lame party guest or standing forever at the bar waiting for a drink. The little jolt of sensation down south will get your body (and your brain) primed for all the fun you’ll be having in a few hours.
  • On your way home, tease him by slowly waking up his body: run your fingers along the hollow of his throat, dip them under the waistband of his pants, slide them between the buttons on his shirt—all while maintaining a mischievous, sexy smile on your face.
  • Pull the car into the driveway. Then get on the hood and pull him on top of you. Make out until you’re this close to getting naked, then push him off and lead him to the door.
  • As he’s fumbling for the keys, stand behind him and press your breasts into his back. Then reach around his body and stroke his package through his pants.
  • Once you’re inside, lean against the door, and pull him towards you. Wrap one leg around his hips and bring him extra close for an intense kiss.