20 Real Guys Reveal Why They Never Called You

Why would a guy flirt/hookup with you and then never call? Cosmo finds out.

​"I just wanted to hook up, man. Why do people complicate things?" —Arnesh G., 27

"Even though I was just as into her, I really didn't want to make the effort of following up. I'm great in person; I could hang everyday. But over texts or calls, I just can't keep up." —Sukhbir A., 28

"IF I don't want to be in a relationship with her, I absolutely will not call back. Ever!" —Punit S., 25

"Disclaimer: I'm not a jerk. Everybody loves great sex—but it's got to be a little more than that. If she's not very bright, I probably won't call her at all." —Rikin S., 26

"I was dating a few girls at the same time, and she was just one of them. To be honest, I was distracted." —Duggal G., 30

"If we forget to call, it's because we have a one track mind. If we're at work, it's the only thing we will focus on. In the meantime, the girl has constructed a monster in her head. And the next time you actually call her to hang out (and nothing else), she ignores you, so it doesn't end up going anywhere." —Shashank K.,28

"Because our first date was torture. It was pretty late in the night, so I was polite and I dropped her back, but I knew then she was never going to hear from me." —Sarvesh T., 23

"Being clingy is definitely a problem. On a random night, after too much alcohol, a girl asked if she could meet my parents. Warning signal! And, of course, I never contacted her again." —Sabyasachi B., 25

"What do you do when the chemistry is missing?" —Mark L., 30

"She had a Windows phone."  —Mohit Sain., 29

"Let's just say I found somebody better." —Nalin A., 25

"I don't really get this 'inner beauty' stuff. If she's unattractive, obnoxious or plain stupid, I probably won't return her call." —Sagar M., 25

"It was a one-night thing from the very beginning. I wanted to prove to the boys I could get any girl I wanted." —Anand V., 28

"I was in a committed relationship, but got drunk one night and cheated on my girlfriend. Calling my hookup would be like leaving a paper trail behind." —Sukhbir A., 28

"A) I'm not interested in her. B) I can't bear forced conversations." —Nishant N., 27

"I was just not into her, and wanted to avoid confrontation. Now that I'm older, I know better."  —Anurag G., 29

"When she's way into you, it throws the power balance off. I find the pursuit is often better than the reward." –Akshay S., 23 

"I found out, after having spent the night at hers, that she was from a rival college. Ironically, we were both part of the band in our colleges—and that was a deal-breaker for me." —Adarsh M., 26

"I travel for work often, and use my evenings to hang out at the hotel bar (and meet local girls). I met this really cool chick during one of my trips and we ended up in my room. In my mind, there was no doubt that this was a casual hookup. Since I know I'd probably never see any of these girls again, there seems no point keeping in touch." —Sahaj B., 27

"Morning afters make you want to avoid the person like the plague. But, when you have mutual friends or belong to the same professional circle, damage control is essential. You don't want them being disparaging of you to the people you know." —Kishore K., 26