9 Kamasutra Sex Positions You Need in Your Life

#3 is almost impossible to attempt!




Most of us have one go-to sex position that we always end up in- whether that's doggy style or missionary. But the Kamasutra promises to give us a variety of choices to change up our sex life- some are tame, some are hard and some are just downright crazy. It was probably aimed for sexual wizards who can contort their bodies into insane positions in bed. So, here are some fascinating Kamasutra sex positions you can try at your own risk.

1. The Bridge

The Bridge - kamasutra sex position:

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Prepare to start a sensual yoga class- Arch your back, place your hands over your head, and rest it on the bed. Have your partner sit back on his knees, while you place your feet flat and raise your hips.

2. The Fire Hydrant

This position requires the guy to stand up and hold the woman's legs as she props herself up on her hands. I hope you practiced your hand-stand, girls.

3. Head Spinner

The man balances on the bed with his head, no hands, and his legs in the splits! While the woman mounts him from the top, straddling his legs and balancing on his armpit. Guess the man is supposed to spin around while she rides him? This is just ridiculous.

4. The Triple Lindy

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Basically, the guy holds the woman up by her waist and she stretches her arms out. So he's just jack-hammering her from behind like it's no big deal.

5. The Overpass

Sex position #175 - Overpass. (man on top, reverse). Kamasutra - Photo, picture, image

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The girl lies on her back, supporting her lower back with her hands and raises her legs and hips in the air. While the guy angles his member downwards and sits on you. That's a pro abs workout right there.

6. The Balancing Act

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The man lies on his back with his knees bent towards his chest. The girl then sits on his member, pulling her knees towards her chest so she's just balancing on his pelvis. Hopefully your man can control the motion from there.

7. The Erotic V

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The guy sits on his knees and lifts the girl. The girl rests her legs on his shoulder in a V shape. Simple!

8. Pair of Tongs

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While the guy is standing, the girl gets into a tong like position and mounts his member. He holds onto her waist so she can rest her hands on the floor. Tongs should be used for salad only- not sex!

9. Beach Ball Booty

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Here's a water move for your 'skinny dipping' fantasies. The girl lies on her stomach on an inflated beach ball inside a swimming pool. The guy then lies flat on top of her to do his thing.