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6 Ways to Keep the Sexual Spark Alive When You're in a Long Distance Relationship

#4 always works!

For anyone who's ever suffered the pain of leaving their partner tearfully at the airport for weeks/months/years at a time, you would all agree that long distance relationships suck!

It can be insanely difficult to maintain the intimacy- but just because you are in a LDR doesn't mean you're about to enter some torturous dry spell. Here are six tips to spice up your long distance sex life.

  1. Fix up Skype dates.

It's a staple LDR go-to move and getting comfortable about exploring yourself in front of your partner amps up the hotness quotient to a whole new level. If you don't know where to begin, try out dinner dates leading on to a night of sly foreplay.

2. Amp up your teasing game.

Embrace being a tease. Be a sexual predator on camera because he ain't touching that booty anytime soon. Send him pictures of his favourite body part or in a new lingerie set, but don't give it all away. By the end of it, he will be begging to have sex with you again.

3. Discuss your fantasies.

Tell them about all your crazy dreams and fantasies and maybe they'll come true. How else could you get him to be your Mr. Grey?

4. Try Textual Intercourse.

Sexting is common in LDR's for a reason. It always works!

5. Send him a naughty gift.

Search for some sex toys or DVDs and send it to them because who wouldn't want to receive a big package?

6. Play games.

Put yourself in hypothetical situations with them and ask them questions. Any game can be sexy as long as you apply the right rules.