These Are Major Relationship Deal Breakers

We ask you to reveal the exact things that put you off a partner...




It could be something as seemingly irrelevant as his trumpet snoring or her inability to ever get dressed on time, or something a lot more serious like lying or cheating on you. But there's always that one thing that makes us say 'thanks, but no thanks' to a person we've been involved with. Intrigued by the various reasons people break up, Cosmo spoke to men and women and asked them to reveal things it takes for them to call it quits.

Readers have their say:

Deeya Chopra, 26

"He must be sophisticated. For me, bad table manners are a turn off. If he can't tell the soup spoon from the dessert spoon then, Houston, we have a problem."

Amrisha Sarin, 26

"My deal breaker would be a guy who gets teary-eyed too often. It is acceptable if the occasion demands it, like a funeral. But I don't need to see the water works just because he needs to express his 'sensitive' side. I feel it's a bit wimpy.

Niharika Bindra Bagai, 26

"I'd dump a guy if he cheated on me-no two ways about that. It's quite simple really: if you cheat on me, you don't deserve to have me."

Devina Badhwar, 28

"Rushing into things freaks me out. Like if we're on our third date and he makes me meet his parents... things really need to slow down."

Meenakshi Joshi Sharma, 25

"My deal breaker would have to be playing 'follow the leader'. Most guys think they know everything and that their partner should just blindly follow them, which is a complete no-no for me."

Sumer Sarin, 32

"Lack of hygiene is such a deal breaker. If you follow the five-second rule for food dropped on the ground, I'm going to follow the one-second rule (the time it'll take for me to run away)."

Ambar Venkatraman, 31

"Teeth that are a dentist's dream and bad BO are things that make me bail-a smile worth a million dollars and a fragrance to remember is the way to go."

Vidur Parashar, 30

"In a relationship, you should be compatible. For me, she must enjoy food, since I do and I'm in the food business, and she should do that without getting it stuck in her teeth."

Sukhmani Singh Sarin, 31

"Dishonesty! White lies, big lies-they're all the same. Being honest is the only thing that works."

Mallika Nath Handa, 28

"In relationships, my deal breaker has always been mamma's boys. If you only want your mommy all the time, then stay home. Luckily, my husband is far from that."