10 Things He NEVER, Ever Wants To Hear From You!

Don't want any trouble in paradise? We list down one liners you probably shouldn't use again!




1. "You're having another burger?"

2. "Care to explain this picture of you and your ex that I found in an envelope in a box that was under your bed?"

3. "Would I look better as a chocolate or a chestnut brunette?"

4. "Something's been bothering me about our conversation last month, and I feel like we need to talk about it. Do you really believe season three of Gilmore Girls was the best, or were you just saying that?"

5. "So I know my sister is pretty, but if you had to rate us on a scale of 1 to 10, who would rank higher, and what is my score?"

6. "Remember how I mentioned that I want to redecorate the apartment? I brought home rug swatches!"

7. "So, funny thing...you may have put a baby inside me."

8. "Be honest: Do you ever dream about having sex with other women?"

9. "My friend just got dumped and needs to be around people--she's crying nonstop--so she's going to come on our camping trip. Cool?"

10. "Really quick question: What do you think this rash is?"