5 Warning Signs That Your Boyfriend Might Be Gay!

Honey, it's time to start reconsidering things, if your boyfriend shows these signs.

Let's be honest girls, you won't be reading this article if you didn't suspect your boyfriend's sexuality .

But before you freak out, it's okay to wonder about stuff like this. Unless you're reading this solely because, he's overly emotional, or grooms himself well, or is interested in 'fashion'. That does not make him gay, and you really need to get over these stupid stereotypes .

Before you decide to jump into the relationship bandwagon, here are a few legitimate signs you need to be on the lookout for.

1. If Other Girls Are Non-Existent For Him

You might think it's great at first when your boyfriend doesn't even acknowledge other women.

But if a hot girl, with a rack big enough to turn heads, walks by in a skimpy top, and your boyfriend STILL doesn't notice... It's a major red flag. Because come on, we bet even you noticed that!

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2. If He's Just A Little Too Touchy With Other Guys

It's pretty rare to see two guys hugging a lot, (unless you're Chandler and Joey), but if you happen to see your guy, in a cuddle sesh with his mates more than often... honey, he's not straight.

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3. If He's Homophobic, Then He Probably Just Lives in Denial

Guys weirdly take pride in how close they are to their mates. They have no issues getting naked in a sweaty, locker room, or being just a tad bit 'over-friendly'. But if your guy doesn't laugh it off, when you question him, and starts ranting, saying, "No WTF is wrong with you?!"... he's probably in denial. And he's definitely just buried deep inside the closet.

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4. If He Has Other Friends Living in the Closet Too

You must've heard that, birds of the same feather flock together. So it's possible that, if your man has a lot of friends who are gay, there's a good chance that he may be one too.

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5. If He Buys Extremely Thoughtful Expensive Gifts For His Guy Friends

Normally, guys and thoughtful gifts drive on two separate roads, especially when it comes to gifting their guy friends. You literally have to mother them into remembering special occasions, or drop constant hints of your 6 month anniversary. So if your guy goes overboard buying small luxuries, wait for it.... for his cute MALE friend, chances are he wants to be noticed by them. And you know what that means...