Here's Why the Love Story of Jai and Sunitha is Going Viral...

.. and make you cry like a baby. You were warned.




There are a few love stories that reaffirm your belief in love like nothing else, and no it's not the love story of you and Nutella, despite how true and pure it is.

The love story in question is that of Jai and Sunitha and it has a very simple message that you don't need a reason to love someone and that no reason can change your love for someone.

The story started out as your typical rom-com, with Jai and Sunitha meeting in school and starting to have feelings for each other. They soon lost touch but re connected after a few years, realizing that their feelings for each other had never really gone away.

But one day, Sunitha met with a devastating accident and what happened next is the stuff great love stories are made of. Logical Indian shared this beautiful story on Valentine's Day, watch it right now:

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BRB *crying*

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