How NOT to Be Cheated By a Mechanic

Life advice you can use. Only from Cosmo, of course!

Getting your car serviced? Don't say: 'Do whatever you need to. Just take care of it.' Instead, say: 'Please let me know exactly what needs to be done—and call if an unexpected repair turns up.'

Also, beware of sneaky deals. Never go for a new mechanic because you are getting a discount through a website. Prerna, 27, did that and regretted it! "My car was due for service and I saw a great deal for the same in my inbox. It wasn't my usual mechanic, but it was so cheap that I couldn't resist. But they found all these things that 'needed' to be done, and it ended up costing me more than I expected. Next time, I went to my preferred mechanic and he said that's a common trap."

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