Parineeti Chopra's Former Classmate Slams Her Over Sob Stories of Poverty...

...and here's what Parineeti has to say.

Bhavya Sood

Recently, Parineeti Chopra attended a graduation ceremony where she got involved in a controversy. During the event, she shared her childhood struggles saying that her family was 'poor' and they couldn't afford a car for her to go to school. And how she used to travel by cycle to school and became a victim of eve teasing.

Parineeti said, "I am so touched after coming here as I am thinking about my life. I am from a very small city, Ambala. I had two brothers growing up and we had a lot of difficulties. We didn't have any money, so I used to travel by cycle, to school. We did not have a car or even money for the bus. I used to fight with my mom and dad saying why do I have to cycle to school every day. I did not have the money to join a martial arts class during the time. I am so happy for you that you got this opportunity. Thank yourselves that you are graduating from such an institute. Make use of this knowledge and go kick some ass".

Parineeti's statement was slammed by one of her classmates on social media, who claimed that the actor was lying about not having enough resources during her childhood.

He posted on his Facebook account saying:

"Parineeti Chopra Shame...coming from a privileged background and lying through the teeth in front of the camera. I guess this is what being a celebrity means. Create a fabricated sob story of no money no car etc etc "

"Coming from the same school I probably also remember the car her father used to have. And going to school on a cycle was a trend those days and also a privilege not everyone had. My friends from CJM (Convent of Jesus and Mary) would probably understand the lies a bit better", he added.

Parineeti further took to twitter to clear all the confusion. According to her, the entire episode was misconstructed.

Here's the statement that she posted on Twitter:

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