Kareena Kapoor to Charge a Whopping ₹10 Crore or More For Films

A big win for the gender wage gap debate!

Madhavi Pothukuchi

The topic of gender wage gap has gained momentum in the country over the past year. Although many influential people, especially celebrities, are still hesitant to address the issue of sexism and the pay parity between men and women in India. However, all is not lost. 

Slowly, but surely, we're seeing reform. After decades of underpaying and undervaluing female actors, Bollywood is waking up to the fact that it cannot ignore the gender pay gap anymore. Deepika Padukone became the first female actor to earn in double digits only last year. She was quickly followed by Kangana Ranaut, who is an all-round queen in general. And now, finally joining their ranks is Kareena Kapoor. 

After the success of her latest film, Veere di Wedding, the actor has reportedly hiked her fees to upwards of ₹10 crore — and rightly so! After years of delivering blockbuster hits, and being one of the most followed Bollywood actors, she deserves to get paid as much as her male counterparts. Just for comparison, Kareena's cousin Ranbir Kapoor, earns ₹20 - ₹25 crore for his films, and he's not even been in the industry as long as her. 

This is a great step forward for women everywhere, who are paid lesser than men for doing the same job. Here's hoping more women join the club! 

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