Say Goodbye to Your Split Ends By Following These 6 Simple Steps

It is finally time to deal with your split ends...You can thank us later !


You are unintentionally causing your hair to splinter at its ends. How? By brushing aggressively and using excessive heat for styling your hair that can lead to fraying and major breakage, says New York-based celebrity hairstylist Cash Lawless.


While it is impossible to not use chemicals and heat-styling products in our everyday routine, we have six hair-changing tricks for you to prevent, hide and fix split ends for good.


Prevent Splits


1) Brush Smarter, Not Harder : If you hear a scraping or ripping noise as you detangle, it’s a sign you’re being too forceful, says Cash. “The goal is to do it silently with zero tugging.” Grab a brush with gentle, flexible bristles.


We suggest the Tangle Teezer’s Compact Styling Hairbrush, ₹1,999. 


2) Chill with the hot tools : High heat=high damage. Always use a heat protectant and turn the temp of your tools down to 285 degrees, says Cash. If that doesn’t work, slowly increase the heat until you get the results you want.





You can go for the L’Oréal Professionnel’s Liss Unlimited Primrose Oil priced at ₹650. 


3) Practise the Hands-Off Approach : It’s tempting, but refrain from picking at or peeling your frayed ends. “When you break them off, you’re basically welcoming even more split ends to appear farther up the hair shaft,” adds Cash.


Hide Splits 


4) Learn to Love a Leave-In : If the damage has already been done, then you can hide your split-ends by using leave-in lotions and creams. They work like magic by temporarily sealing your splintered ends and disguising them altogether.



Every stylist swears by the Olaplex’s N.6 Bond Smoother, amazon.com, 2,000 approx. 


5) Strengthen With Protein : Use a protein-packed hair mask instead of your usual conditioner. It’ll help fill in gaps along the hair shaft to minimise the appearance of jagged ends and draw in moisture to repair weak areas—a must for healthy hair.  




You can use the Wella Professional’s SP LuxeOil Keratin Restore Mask, 1,500. 


6) Get a Trim and Erase the Splits : Once a hair shaft is separated, nothing can permanently fuse it back together again, which means it’s time for a haircut. Ask your stylist for some ‘dusting’—a method that removes split ends without sacrificing length.