5 Beauty Trends to Keep You Looking Stylish This Festive Season

From red lips to graphic eyes, we bring you the key makeup looks for this season, straight off the fall-winter runways.

The festive season is upon us, and as we celebrate with our friends and families, it’s time for us to don the latest fashion and beauty trends as well. The makeup looks showcased by designers this fall-winter provide us with an abundance of inspo to keep us looking stylish, glamorous and on-trend as we head out for our festive soirées. The dewy, glowing, fresh-faced looks of spring reached new dimensions of intensity this Fall-Winter, perfectly complimenting our sartorial choices for occasionwear. Updated versions of timeless classics like red lips and smokey eyes ruled the runways, along with daring, graphic and arty accents, with a special emphasis around the eyes. We list 5 of the top trends you need to add to your beauty arsenal RN, along with some fabulous new products by makeup brand Faces that can be used to recreate them.


1. Smokey Eyes


While past seasons may have seen a play of colour for eye makeup, it’s all about the black smokey eyes and dark, muted shades and natural tones for fall.

Pro-tip: For a look that’s softer but just as sultry, opt for a nude palette. Blend outwards and smudge some kajal along the lash line to add some intensity. Finish by adding a touch of highlighter at the brow.




To cop this look, use:


FACESCANADA Magneteyes Eyeshadow Palette Nude Strokes

FACESCANADA Ultime Pro Eyeshadow Palette Nude

FACESCANADA Ultime Pro Intense Gel Kajal Black


2. The Red Lip


Velvety lips in varied shades of crimson can be spotted on everyone RN, from models to celebs to your friends on the #Gram. A failsafe way to look chic, the red lip is to be found in many avatars, matte, rich-textured or coated with a hint of gloss for sheen.

Pro-tip: Pair your red lip with polished skin, minimal makeup and pulled-back hair for a classic look that is the perfect accompaniment for your occasionwear, jewelry, and accessories.




To cop this look, use:


FACESCANADA Ultimepro Hd Intense Matte Lips + Primer Scandalous

FACESCANADA Ultime Pro Matte Lip Crayon Midnight Rose


3. Full, flushed glowing blush


Fresh-faced, lit-from-within skin is the makeup trend. Wear ATM. Opt for an outdoorsy, full-cheeked blush and pair it with glowy, iridescent, highlighted cheeks and brows.

Pro-tip: Let the shades of pink spill-over to the eyes and lips in a nod to the monotone make-up trend.




To cop this look, use:


FACESCANADA Blendfinity highlighter

FACESCANADA Ultime Pro Hd lights camera blush Roseate

FACESCANADA Ultime Pro Hd All That Glow Highlighter Glaze

FACESCANADA Peaches N Cream Tinted Moisturizer

FACESCANADA Ultime Pro Eyeshadow Palette Rose


4. Graphic Eyes


The eyes are the playground of makeup artists this season. Mod, futuristic, punk-rock, arty, dramatic and retro-meets-futuristic eye makeup is the perfect way to get noticed. Don’t hold back on the eyeliner either, it’s time to reinvent the classic cat-eye with more dramatic accents.

Pro-tip: A terrific way to get a smooth and perfectly placed line is to map out the shape with a white eyeliner pencil beforehand and go over it with a gel or liquid liner once you are satisfied with the shape.




To cop this look, use:


FACESCANADA Ultime Pro A Matte Made in Heaven Ink linerBlack

FACESCANADA Magneteyes EyelinerBlack


5. Arty Lashes


With eyes continuing to hold their place in the spotlight, a particular emphasis is being placed on your lashes this fall. Exaggerated and supplemented with sixties-style kohl lines, or layered with thick coats of mascara, OTT lashes are here to stay.

Pro-tip: Keep the complexion and lips as natural as possible and go #Xtra on your lashes to make your peepers pop.




To cop this look, use: 


FACESCANADA Ultime pro HD Whopper Lashes Mascara Black

FACESCANADA Magneteyes Dramatic Volumizing Mascara Black