6 Ways to Get the Best Brows of Your Life

The hacks you haven’t heard of, from the make-up artists who invented them.   


1. Make a 'sandwich'

 “Apply gel against the grain of your brows first, then reload your spoolie and brush them back down again. Sandwiching each hair in gel makes the brows look extra thick.”—Vincent Oquendo (@makeupvincent)



2. Start at the arch

“Fill in the centre of your brow first, -working towards the tail, then finish at the beginning. This will keep you from overloading product on the front end and creating a heavy, unnatural look.”—sir john barnett (@sirjohnofficial)



3. Use a liner brush

“Dip it in brow gel or cream and use it to draw super-thin lines. Unlike spoolies, liner brushes make it easy to mimic the look of natural hair.”—Alana Wright (@alanawrightmakeup)



4. Use your hair pattern as a guide

“If your hairs grow straight up at the inner part of your brow, horizontal at the arch, and down at the tail, your pencil strokes should do the same.”—katie jane hughes (@katiejanehughes)



5. Mascara works too 

“If your brows are on the darker side, save cash and use brown or black mascara to fill them in. Most formulas give perfect definition, tint, and hold.”—Patrick Ta (@patrickta)



6. Wipe, then swipe 

“Before you apply anything, dust your spoolie or brush against your hand once or twice to take off some of the product. If you skip this step, you could end up with weirdly thick and goopy brows.”—JEssa Blades (@jessablades)