Eat Your Way to Great Skin! Fitness And Wellness Expert Sumaya Dalmia Tells You How

Look better and feel healthier just by including these beauty super foods in your meals.

Do you know what to do to get flawless, fabulous skin without nary a pesky zit in sight? Well, just eat right!

We have often heard that you are what you eat but with so many delicious options to choose from a girl can get confused. It helps to know what nutrients are you exactly eating to take care of specific beauty issues.

“Our lives are very fast paced, in general, so we do end up eating a few meals that are not mindful. Some meals are swapped for cheat meals that are high in calories but low on nutritional density. Eating mindfully and recognising what food is doing for you both emotionally and physically is very important,” says Sumaya Dalmia, fitness and wellness expert.

Sumaya dalmia

Your dietary preferences also play a major role in your skin health. Sumaya says, "Food in general is loaded with nutrients but if you are vegetarian you could be low on Vitamin B12 and Iron. Indians are generally lacking in Vitamin D too. So, it is a good idea to try and get some morning sun. Restrictive diets can cause nutritional deficiencies of vitamins such as calcium, magnesium, B12. They can also raise cortisol levels, cause inflammation in the body and other such issues."

Let's just eat more and eat well, shall we?  

So, here are her picks of nutrients you must include in your meal to take care of nagging skin and hair issues. 

Thinning, lifeless hair 

If hair fall is one of your pressing concerns, it may do you good to take a look at your lunch bowl to take stock of the issue. A diet rich in protein, biotin and good fats are a great addition to your great hair meal plan. "For great hair healthy fats such as almonds and nuts in general, avocado, coconut oil, chia seeds etc. Whole eggs and bone broth are elixirs for hair," says Sumaya.

Acne-prone skin

Sudden breakouts are annoying and so is not knowing when the next one pops along! Sumaya suggests a balance diet that is low on sugar to prevent stressing out your skin. "Curbing on your sugar intake stabalises your insulin levels preventing hormonal break outs. Sipping on vegetable juices is also a great skin move such as cucumber, celery, mint and ginger," she says.

Dull skin 

Skipping meals in a bid to lose weight or restrictive diets omitting some food groups is not cool. For starters, it will take a toll on your skin and make you feel tired easily. Instead, control your portions and make sure to inclued all nutrients.  "A healthy diet not a restrictive crash diet. You need a well-rounded meal plan with lots of curcumin (form of haldi), foods rich in Vitamin C and healthy fats in the form of nuts. Include protein in your diet with non vegetarian sources such as fish, chicken, mutton (rarely) and eggs. Vegetarians can get their share of proteins from nuts, chia seeds, sprouts and light pulses fore glowing skin," says Sumaya. 

So, eat away and say hello to great skin!