This is How Instagram is Messing With Your Skin!

’Coz you’re a slave to the feed and notification chimes, and all this ’Gram addiction is putting your skin at risk.

Sleeping on One Side While Browsing

21st century beauty sleep isn’t all that beautiful. There are no sleeping masks and no lavender-scented candles. Odds are, you’re on Instagram till you pass out. And laying one side of your face on the pillow while constantly browsing your Insta-feed will take a toll on your skin. When your skin is in this constant position (unlike a more ideal one where you sleep on your back) it causes wrinkles and acne—especially the side that you sleep on.


Your #InstaLove Can Hinder Your Sleep
You’re stuck in the FOMO rut and you can’t sleep without some late night #InstaNews. But here’s the thing: checking your phone right before you sleep will make you sleepless. The phone light tampers with your sleep rhythm and also makes it harder to fall asleep later in the night. This lack of sleep affects the moisture level of your skin and leaves it dehydrated, making it dull and drier than usual.


The Addiction ONLY Causes Stress

Word check: ‘Nomophia’ is the fear of ‘no mobile phone’. And you may have it if you start stressing out whenever your 3G stops working or you lose your charger. And the fear of no Instagram access causes more stress, leading to breakouts and zits.


Your Eyes are Tortured

Did you know that spending hours in front of the screen forces you to squint a little? The result—crow’s feet. Since our mobile screens are small and hashtag fonts even smaller, we need to focus more. And this constant contraction of the muscles around the eyes causes pre-mature ageing. Yup, that means, wrinkles around your peepers. Argh, scary!


The Glow’s Missing!

You’re basically tired even when you’re not doing much. Constantly being on the phone can run you ragged. This also makes your skin look dull and tired. But to get the bounce back, just give your skin a daily moisture shot with a day and night cream.


#TrendingNow Make-up Makes You Experiment with errrything

Being on top of all Instagram make-up trends and viral tutorials can leave you in a bit of a beauty rut. You end up trying everything possible. Remember the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge? You took that too, right? But here’s the thing: you don’t have to try all the trends in the world. Take a break and let your skin breathe. Embrace the #nomakeupselfie for a change—and don’t let the app ruin your skin.      



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