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8 Ways to Instantly Get Rid of Under-Eye Puffiness

From SOS solutions to DIY remedies, here's how to prevent and get rid of under-eye bags after a night of sleeplessness. 

Puffy, baggy, tired eyes are a regular for those who are unable to catch up on sound sleep. But besides sleeplessness, these under-eye bags can be attributed to a range of causes you'd never even given a thought! From underlying genetic vulnerabilities to excessive consumption of salt and stress even, you'd be surprised to discover the gamut of reasons responsible for this beauty woe. 

To prevent this common, unappealing skin concern or deal with it after it shows up, cosmetic dermatologists and skincare experts including Dr Rinky Kapoor, Dr Jaishree Sharad, and Dr Simal Soin share expert tips that'll get you going. 


1. Reduce your alcohol and caffeine intake: Curbing your consumption of caffeine and alcohol at least 6 hours before bedtime goes a long way in stalling under-eye bags. Dehydration is the primary cause of puffiness, thereby intake of optimal amounts of water, along with a conscious limiting of caffeine and alcohol helps prevent this morning-after skin woe. Remember, hydration is key to revive tired skin and the better hydrated you are, the lesser chances of water retention under the eyes.

2. Get your beauty sleep: 7-8 hours sleep at night is ideal, so hit the bed on time! Preferably, sleep on your back or stuff a few pillows under your head to avoid fluid accumulation around the eye area and constriction of blood vessels in your face.

3. Eat right and include a serum in your skincare routine: Focus on consuming foods rich in Vitamin A, C, E and K to keep the skin under the eyes smooth and young. In addition, avoiding excess salt in your food will help too. Besides, if you haven't already, it's probably time to invest in a good under-eye cream and serum, best suited for your skin-type. These serums and creams are enriched with essential minerals that deliver the required nutrients to the under-eye, reducing the possibility of puffiness. 


1. Apply a cold compress: Apply some cool cucumber slices on your eyes and let them sit for 10 minutes. The flavonoids, Vitamin C and antioxidants present in the cucumber will refresh the eyes and reduce puffiness. Even your most-reliable salon girl will recommend this fix in a crisis!

2. Apply a cool spoon: If nothing else is available, simply place a spoon in the freezer the night before and apply it on your eyes the next morning. The coolness that will be transferred from the spoon to your under-eye skin will tighten the skin and reduce puffiness instantly.

3. Apply a potato pouch: Grate a potato and wrap the shavings in a muslin bag. Let the bag sit over your eyes for a good 10 minutes and watch the potato do it’s work!

4. Take a chill pill: Possibly the most important (and easiest solution) of them all, stay calm and work towards effectively managing your stress. More often than not, our stresses show up on our face in the form of multiple beauty woes, including this one. So take some time out, a mere 30 minutes, to meditate during the day. 

5. Specific skincare treatments: If the above mentioned interventions don't seem to be working well for you, consult your dermatologist and prepare a timeline for possible treatments such as laser, dermal fillers, and face facials, which must only be performed by professionals. Lasers and fillers will help tighten the skin, repair the broken blood vessels and improve blood flow, thereby reducing puffiness and lightening the skin. If you suffer from under-eye pigmentation, a few sessions of pigment reduction laser and/or under eye fillers can solve the problem. A few sessions of under-eye peels or mesotherapy may also prove to be adequate to treat this problem. 

A combination of modern science treatments and home remedies should help you come out victorious in this battle against under-eye puffiness. With careful observation and knowledge of your condition, your doctor will determine the treatment that is required in your case, if at all.