Introducing the Best Floral Body Mists for Instant Rejuvenation

Get your hands on these amazing body mists and treat yourself to some of the finest floral olfactory delights!

Body mists have a lower concentration of essential oils compared to a perfume, so they are subtle and more buildable and ideal for those who do not like their fragrances to be not too strong or overpowering. Perfect for a post-shower ritual (as your skin pores open-up after a bath and absorb the formula more effectively), body mists can help extend the feeling of freshness throughout the daily grind and keep your skin hydrated. It is wise to keep a bottle of your favourite body mist handy in your handbag or stashed in your car or desk drawer for a quick pick-me-up whenever needed. So, here are some of the best, skin-friendly floral body mists we recommend that will keep the good vibes flowing and pamper your skin while doing so.

For Skincare Benefits

Forest Essentials Nargis Body Mist

Softening and toning skin, this fragrant formula has pure grain alcohol in it that is made using traditional Ayurvedic method and is not harsh on skin.

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Packed with Vitamin E, a potent antioxidant, this body mist protects from the free radical damage caused by sun exposure. Created with essential oil of the finest nargis or daffodil flowers from the snow-clad mountains of Kashmir, this mist also consists of wheat germ extract and aloe vera leaf juice that help skin retain its natural moisture.

For Hydrating Care

Bath & Body Works Magic In The Air Fine Fragrance Mist

Dermatologist-tested, its aloe vera extract nourishes and keeps skin hydrated, ensuring you are thoroughly refreshed with its carefully curated floral notes.

Rs. 0.00

A unique formulation of almond flower, sparkling persimmon, white iris, whipped vanilla bourbon and earthy sandalwood notes, this intoxicating body mist comes in a beautifully crafted bottle, complete with a sophisticated pump that delivers super-fine mists and great coverage.

For a Aromatherapy Blend

Bryan & Candy New York Floral Splash Fragrance Mist

With fun fruity top notes of cantaloupe, mango, and pear, this gas-free spray, it guarantees a more concentrated fragrances, that keeps your spirits up the whole day.

Rs. 0.00

A delicate floral bouquet of flowers like peony, magnolia, frangipani, lily of the valley, violet, hibiscus, along with other precious mosses and woods, this body mist is a true celebration of the best feminine aromas.

For Long-Lasting Freshness

The Body Shop Moringa Body Mist

Created with sustainable, community trade sugarcane essence from Brazil, this ultra-fine mist is gentle on skin and will surely get you hooked in no time with its crisp and sweet notes.

Rs. 0.00

This irresistible floral body spray infused with moringa seed oil promises to instantly refresh your spirits and keep you feeling great all day long.