A Daily 'AM to PM' Skincare Routine For Acne-Prone Skin

Veteran beauty expert, Dr Blossom Kochhar shares cardinal skincare do's and don'ts, along with a fully curated skincare routine for acne sufferers.

The most-common beauty woe—research indicates that over 70% adolescents are affected by a recognisable form of acne.

Despite the multitude of study that has been conducted in this particular domain, no conclusive medical theory has been able to pin-point the exact cause of the skincare irritant. However, it is believed that visible acne in the form of blackheads and whiteheads is closely associated with hyper activity of the oil glands and congestion of pores. Formally, 'seborrhea' or excessive oiliness on the skin's surface is the general precondition to the formation of acne.

And when it comes to treatment, while there may not be a sure-shot way to cure the problem, there certainly are a range of precautions one can take in order to prevent it from worsening. "The intervention must be aimed at nullifying the preconditions that promote and aggravate acne, thereby helping build a healthy environment on your skin's surface," explains Dr Kochhar.

To combat acne or prevent it from recurring, Dr Blossom Kochhar shares an expert-approved AM to PM skincare routine.

In the Morning

To begin, moisten your face with warm water and cleanse it with a medicated or antiseptic soap. Choose a light liquid cleanser with ingredients that inhibit the growth of blemish-causing bacteria. Also ensure that you don’t use a wash cloth, as it can shelter the very bacteria that must be stamped out. Rinse thoroughly with clear running water and pat dry using a soft towel.

Next, saturate a cotton pad with an astringent medicated lotion, to which a few drops of Tr.Benzoin have been added. Gently press over the entire face or rinse with cool water. This will rejuvenate the skin by reducing excess oiliness and will also refine it's texture. Be sure to apply a medicated cream on all active pimples. Consult your dermatologist and pick a corrector cream that is grease-less and skin-tinted, which will work on drying and healing the zits. Following this, apply Calamine with a drop each of clove oil and mint oil, on all pimples.

During the Day

Repeat the morning treatment, if possible. Otherwise opt for a 'quick clean' with the astringent medicated lotion, and reapply the spot corrector on blemishes.

At Night

Repeat the morning treatment. You may come across some dry areas on the throat, under the eyes, and on the sides of your face. If such is the case, use an appropriate moisturising or lubricating preparation. Pro tip: Never apply an emollient cream to any blemished area.

Twice, Weekly

To prevent blackheads and keep your pores free from clogging, deep cleanse your face with a face wash. Wet the face with warm water and pour a teaspoonful of cleansing granules in to your palms. Apply to the face with finger tips, concentrating on the problem areas; blackheads and excessive oiliness. Massage gently for a few seconds and rinse thoroughly.