10 Best Summer Nail Art Designs You Will Fall in Love With

From Kylie's multi-hued checkered manicure to a monochrome cow-print design, these statement nails deserve all your attention. 

The season for melon, acetate sunnies and breezy floral-printed dresses is finally here—and besides our wardrobe and diet, our nails call for a seasonal switch as well. 

Summer lends the perfect opportunity to play around with trendy, vibrant hues and graphic patterns; from cherry tips to ice-cream nails. So, in order to make the most of the sultry season, Cosmo brings to you an exhaustive range of summer nail art designs—all things cute, chic and stylish—that you definitely need to try out this year!


Multi-coloured Checkered Nails



This Kylie Jenner-approved nail art design is perfect for the season. I mean, can you ever really go wrong with a classic check print in bright hues?  



Alternatively, if you aren't an ardent fan of multi-coloured nails, go with a chic monochrome checkered pattern that speaks elegance and sophistication. 


Cherry Tip Nails



This super cute cherry nail art is an easy DIY hack! So, you won't even need to venture out and spend an exorbitant amount of money on your nails. 



In case you're unable to manage on your own, you can always opt for glitter stick-ons.


Fruity Nails



Express your love for your favourite summer fruit by getting them painted on your nails! Mangoes, grapefruits, oranges or watermelon? The sky is the limit. 



Swirly Nails



Swirly nails may never go out of fashion, and for good reason.



You pick whether you want to opt for multi-coloured, glossy swirls or nude-toned matte swirls. 


Cow-print Nails



Yes, cow-print nails are a thing, and we absolutely love it. 



If you think doing a cow-print pattern on all your nails is a bit too much,  you can always do an accent on one of the nails, with the rest featuring different designs or simply solid colours. 


Ice-cream Nails



I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice-cream (nails)! 



Paint your favourite ice-cream flavour on one nail and add sprinkles to the rest!


Minimalist Nails



With the rise of the minimalist movement, there has been a paradigm shift to 'less is more' in the world of beauty.



Opt for a minimalist design on your nails—be it an abstract print, a uniform black line or simply a dot. 


Colour Blocking Nails



Why only colour block your outfits when you can colour block your nails too?



Choose a few colours to paint with on each nail, in a gradient from light to dark, or vice versa. 


Succulent Nails



What better way to channel your love for succulents than to get them on your nails? 



Succulents are a popular go-to plant to own during summers—given their minimal requirement for water and easy maintenance.


Tie-Dye Nails



We think it's safe to say that tie-dye is the biggest summer trend EVER. 



And, what's not to love about it? Ditch the tie-dye top and go for tie-dye nails instead!