What the first trip with your partner says about your relationship

Here’s how to ace the first-trip test.

17 April, 2024
What the first trip with your partner says about your relationship

Heading out for your first trip with your partner? Whether it's a quick weekend getaway or a well-planned trip vacation, your first trip with your partner can be a mix of nerves and excitement. It’s so much more than just strolling hand in hand through picturesque locations; it’s a test to see whether or not the relationship is going to last. If you think about it, spending a few days together isn’t the same as spending a few hours together. How your trip turns out depends entirely on your attitude. So when packing your bags, don’t forget to pack a good attitude as well.

You and your partner will learn a lot about each other, and while there may be some hiccups, everything will be fine if you focus on doing the things you both love to create ample memories. 

Step out of your comfort zone and reach a compromise

You may be one as a couple, but you’re both unique individuals with your tastes and preferences. Be it a regular day or a vacation together, compromise is key. What if one of you is an early bird and the other a night owl? You don't want to miss out on both, the early-day and night activities because one of you is fast asleep. Your first trip will teach you a lot about compromise; it's a reality check on how far you're willing to go for your partner. An advantage of this is that you both might end up trying something new and who knows, you might even love it! Trying new things together as a couple will help strengthen your bond. That said, remember that boundaries are important. Compromise is one thing, but pushing someone beyond their comfort zone is a whole other problem. 

Trust and dependency 

When you hang out with your friends, family, and coworkers, you're in a familiar setting. But when you're out on a trip with your partner, it's just the two of you. Travelling has a transformative effect on people. For couples, a trip helps you remember that you and your loved one are a team at the end of the day. There will be moments where you'll learn to rely on your partner and their instincts, and vice versa. Doing so will teach you two very important things—working towards a common goal and realising that you were right to trust your partner. 

How do they deal with stress and adapt

Given how stressful holidays are, there's an equal chance of things going wrong as they may go right. Travel tends to bring out different sides of people, for better or for worse. Throw in mixed flights, delays in local travel, or even getting lost, and you might witness your partner reacting in a manner you’ve never seen before. Since travelling from home sees us step outside our comfort zone, it’s natural for us to behave in a way that is far from normal. But it is in these challenging moments that you really get to see how your partner handles stress in real life. Add to that, you can tell a lot about a person from the way he or she treats people they do not know, namely from the customer service industry—from waiters to hotel staff, flight attendants, and others. Notice how your partner talks to them. See what happens when the service isn’t great and how your partner deals with it.

The memories you made and will share

When you tell your children about how much you cherish your partner, there’s a good chance you will mention a trip you took together. The best part about it is that you can look back at those sweet memories, talk to your partner about those good times, keep the romance alive, and set out on your next adventure together. 

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