Here's how vacations can make or break your relationship

It’s the perfect opportunity to test your relationship!

14 April, 2024
Here's how vacations can make or break your relationship

Imagine this: You've been together with your partner for a good stretch. You are in a happy space, are deeply connected, and are, maybe considering committing to each other. But before taking the next step, pause and consider—have you and your partner travelled together? Is it that important, you ask?

Remember how everything seemed perfect in Monica and Chandler’s life (Friends) until they took a trip together? Yes, a trip can be a major reality check of how strong your relationship really is. It can be a clear indication of how much more there is to know about each other. While there will always be new things to discover about your partner in the long run, on a trip you will be acquainted with the fundamentals, their idea of leisure, their habits and more. 

Embarking on a journey together—literally—can reveal much about a relationship. Here, we explore the transformative power of travel on love and commitment. We uncover the insights and revelations that come from sharing adventures with your significant other, providing valuable perspectives for those considering taking their relationship to the next level.

You’ll discover more things about them 

Travelling together strips away the usual daily grind and throws both of you into unfamiliar territory. You'll witness how your partner deals with stress, unexpected situations, and even jet lag! Are they the cool-headed navigator or the worrier who needs constant reassurance? This new insight can deepen your bond and reveal each other's hidden strengths.

You’ll learn how to share a space with your partner 

Even if you are head over heels and can't keep your hands off each other, everyone needs their own space at the end of the day. Living together isn't always easy; it takes some getting used to, a little compromise, and making sure the other person feels at home. Going on a trip together is like a trial run for living together. You'll learn how to use shared bathrooms, deal with limited closet space, and respect each other's need for alone time.

You’ll find out how compatible you really are

It is one thing to plan dates, but planning a trip together is a different ball game altogether. From picking the destination to handling disagreements over itineraries, you'll learn to give and take. Are you flexible enough to roll with each other's interests or will every decision turn into a battle? Understanding your partner's travel style can be a great indicator of compatibility in other areas of life. Are your long-term goals aligned? A trip can spark important conversations about the future.

You’ll make memories that last a lifetime

Sure, there may be disagreements along the way, but that's part of the journey! Exploring new destinations and cultures together will bring you closer, and the beautiful sights (plus those inevitable candid photos) will become treasured memories. Travelling together creates a special kind of intimacy that you'll treasure for years to come.

You’ll learn how to manage your finances together 

Travelling forces you to plan and budget together. Whether it's sticking to a shoestring itinerary or calculating currency exchange, you'll discuss finances openly and learn about each other's spending habits. Effective financial communication is essential before tying the knot, and a trip provides a real-world practice session.

So, before you set a date or take your relationship to the next level, pack your bags and go on an adventure with your partner. You might just end up discovering a whole new world, and a whole new level of love and understanding for each other.

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