5 Good Habits Your Hair Will Thank You For

Battling hair fall, split ends or just frizz? #HairGrowthQueen Dr Stuti Khare Shukla shares *exactly* what to do to get the long, smooth and shining hair of your dreams!

Just like your skin, your hair also responds to lifestyle or environmental changes by acting out aka frizz, split ends or hair loss. While it may be tempting to throw on various products on these problems, having a #goodhairday every day requires a little more introspection.

So, we spoke to dermatologist Dr Stuti Khare Shukla aka the Hair Growth Queen, who is known for treating many a tress troubles with non-invasive and natural procedures to know all about the 5 good hair habits she swears by:

Amp up the protein

Protein is essential not only to build muscles but also to ensure you have healthy hair growth. So, if you are unable to meet your daily vitamin and protein requirements, consider consulting with your doctor and including multivitamin supplements in your diet. 

Exercising thrice a week

You may have noticed feeling a lot more cheerful and pumped after a workout. Well, the same goes for your hair too! Regular workout increases the blood flow, which means that your hair receives a better supply of nutrients, resulting in healthier, happier hair. 

Do not skip cleansing

When it comes to hair washing, most of us tend to go to either of the extremes. Not washing your hair enough can cause dandruff and buildup of products, dirt while overwashing your hair can strip the scalp of its natural oils. Both the scenarios are not conducive to the hair of your dreams. It is best to shampoo and condition your hair at least twice a week to keep them clean.

Love what you have

It is natural to wish for poker-straight hair while dreading your corkscrew curls. However, your hair journey will become way easier if you accept your natural texture. Bid adieu to forcing your hair to fit your version of perfection. Respect your texture and hair type to choose the right products that will make hair styling a cinch for you. 

Curb the stress

While there are many other factors that can accelerate hair loss, stress is one of the biggest and most common factors that cause hair fall. So, indulge in calming activities such as meditation, massages or anything that helps you find your zen.