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You Can Now Contour Your Hair to Flatter Your Face Shape

Feature-flattering hair colouring techniques can be applied to enhance your cheekbones, create a defined jawline and more

If you thought you could only contour your face to add definition or enhance your facial features, then you are mistaken. You could also use strategically placed hair highlights and lowlights to flatter your face shape. This hair colouring technique known as hair contouring is quite popular among hairstylists when it comes to giving a makeover. Beyonce, Blake Lively, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jennifer Lopez and Bella Hadid are some of the celebrities who have tried hair contouring to accentuate their features. Celebrity hairstylist Vaishakhi Haria, director, Splash The Salon and Mantastic Barbers and artistic ambassador, L’Oréal Professionnel, says, “Just as you can enhance your face with makeup, hair colour can also be used as a tool to enhance your facial features. Hair contouring balayage technique can be used to enhance your cheekbones, create a sharper looking jawline and much more.”

So if you are looking for a transformation, Vaisakhi explains all that you need to know about hair contouring. 

Things to keep in mind before you opt for hair colouring 

Vaishakhi insists that you need to get the procedure done from a a trained hair colourist. “It is a free hand tailor made colour application so make sure your colourist knows exactly what they’re doing or else a bespoke service could become a total disaster! There are so many poorly executed color services out there. Make sure you do not decide the salon on the basis of price alone,” she adds. 

If your are wondering, whether the colour would look natural or not and most importantly how difficult is it to maintain it. Vaishakhi says, “It all depends on the selection of shades. If you keep it soft and diffused, it’s absolutely easy to maintain and looks natural. But if you select contrasting shades, it may require retouches over 6-8 weeks.”

Vaishakhi suggests what will work for your face shape below: 

Round face

hair contouring

The aim is to make the face look longer, hence the hairline can be lighter and darker tones underneath on the sides.

Square face

hair contouring

For those with more pronounced width along the face, the priorities will look a little different. Low lights around the jaw and temple will soften out hard lines and lengthen the face. 

Heart shape

hair contouring

Characterised by a prominent forehead and narrower chin, highlights should be placed at strategic lengths for this face shape. The key is darker colour to the top of the head and lighter pieces towards the mid lengths and ends to open up the jaw line.