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4 High-Performance Sunblocks You Need to Try

Incorporate one of these sunblocks in your skincare regimen and thank us later!

No matter what your skin type, shielding your skin from the harsh sun rays is a must. Even though, many a time, the terms sunscreens and sunblocks are used interchangeably, these are two different types of sun protection. Both save skin from the damaging effects of sun’s ultraviolet (UV) radiations that causes photoageing, sunburn, dark spots, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation but their formulas work in distinctive manners. Sunscreens offer chemical protection by reacting with the UV rays and absorbing them whereas sunblocks consist of minerals ingredients such as titanium dioxide or zinc oxide that physically block UV rays and prevent them from penetrating the skin. So, here are some of the best sunblocks we recommend you get your hands on to keep your skin healthy and safe.


With their patented Helioplex Technology that keeps this dermatologist-tested formula stable even under the harshest sun to provide maximum sun protection. Lightweight, it is oil-free and instantly gets absorbed into the skin, delivering a matte and dry finish.


Penetrating deep into the skin, this sunblock crème acts like a mirror that reflects back the destructive UV sun rays to avoid photoageing of skin. Containing antioxidant-rich aloe vera, tomato fruit, and pomegranate extracts, along with Vitamin C and SPF 50, it prevents tanning and curtails pigmentation issues caused by sun exposure.


If you have an active lifestyle or travel a lot, then this is the sunblock for you! With SPF 100 that offers heavy-duty, broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection. Forming an invisible shield of micro-filters on the epidermis to prevent penetration of fine pollutants and give protection from free radical damage and atmospheric toxins, this waterproof formula is great for water-based sports or activities too.

his lightweight and healing sunblock lotion contains natural goodness of carrot seed, jojoba, and wheatgerm oils and aloe vera gel. Mattifying and keeping your skin moisturised without making it oily, it improves skin’s elasticity with the help of green tea.