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Meet the Finest, Luxe Black Liquid Eyeliners That Last All Day

Let your eyes do all the talking with these bold and luxurious liquid eyeliners!

If you continue to worry about your wings smudging or eye make-up getting ruined in the sweltering heat, then it is time to ditch your regular, pharmacy-brand eyeliner. Switch it with one of these luxe versions that do not smudge and look freshly applied even hours after application. With longer staying power and more intense colour pay-off, these high-end versions will save you a tonne of time and effort when it comes to achieving those crisp wings and ultra-fine details, no matter what your eye make-up look. Easier to apply and designed for superior comfort, these black liquid eyeliners will elevate your eye-game like no other and make your pretty peepers truly standout. 


This micro-fine liner promises intense colour and creates the finest details with its unique arched tip. Making your eyes pop and dramatic with just a few swipes, it has an ergonomic design and promises weightless definition that promises to stay put for up to 24 hours.


Guaranteeing up to 24 hours of immaculate stay, this liquid liner is the one you need if you want your eye make-up to look fresh throughout the day. Made with resin and filmogen polymers that deliver high colour-off and micro-fine pigments that have a high colour impact, it comes with a special applicator that is easy to maneuver.


This intense liner delivers the most precise and striking lines with its unique felt-tipped applicator. Gliding smoothly along the lower and upper eyelids and smudge-proof, it is both dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested, and safe for even contact-lens wearers.

Offering a silky matte finish, this liner dries fast and is smudge-proof. Easy to remove, ophthalmologically tested, and gentle on the eyes, it is highly pigmented and is designed for precise application.