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5 *Fresh* Beauty Trends to Know for Summer 2022

Celebrity makeup artist Daniel Bauer shares a few of the beauty trends to try from the recently concluded FDCI X Lakmé Fashion Week

We are now in the midst of summer, signalling that it is time to experiment with our beauty looks and add a fresh, SS22 update to our beauty looks for the season. With the latest edition of the FDCI X Lakmé Fashion Week coming to a resounding close with the Lakmé Absolute Grand Finale 2022, Cosmo India caught up with celebrity makeup artist Daniel Bauer, who shared his top beauty takeaways from the season. Read on to catch up on the latest trends in makeup and hair to know. 

The Inspiration Behind Ananya Panday’s Look at the Lakmé Absolute Grand Finale 

"With Falguni Shane Peacock’s ‘Earthbound’ collection as the focus of the look and #ExploreMore as Lakmé’s beauty trend statement for the season, we wanted to create something that was vibrant, futuristic, full of shimmer, drama, and shine," shares Daniel. "We achieved this using the Lakmé Absolute Explore Eye Pencils and Liquid Eyeshadow Duos to make a beauty statement on the runway and I had a great time working with both the designers and Ananya!"


Trending Colours of the Season 

"I love how everyone is open to experimenting and celebrating, stepping out and meeting new people," adds Daniel. "Our eyes are getting noticed the most behind our masks, and expressing ourselves by trying new looks and not playing it safe anymore is the way to go. In terms of colours, vibrant shades like blues, emeralds, azures, oranges in metallic finishes is something that’s really popping."


Don't Play by the Rules When it Comes to Makeup 

"The one tip in makeup this season is to take more risks! If you play it safe and continue to do the same look year after year, nothing will ever grow. There are no rules in makeup, and if you find a rule, break it! Don’t simply follow the trends, be the trend, set the trend. Do what works best for your face and who you want to be."

Blush for a Natural Flush 

"Support that dramatic eye look with a rosy tint on your cheeks," explains Daniel. "Blush has been a makeup trend for the past 200 years. If you have a bad day, you put a little bit of blush and it can cheer you right up. The key to a blush is to smile when you’re doing it because if the blush is applied on the lower part of your cheeks, it’s not going to be able to lift and wake up your face. Blush can be done right technically; it can be built into your foundation. Using a little liquid foundation, blend in a cream blush to give yourself a natural tint on the apples of your cheek that makes you look like you’re smiling even when you’re not."


What’s Trending in Hair 

According to Daniel, the big trend in hair right now is styling it in a was that lets your makeup shine. "It’s about not having hair that is competing with your makeup but having a hairdo that makes your makeup shine," the celebrity makeup artist explains. "We have all been wearing masks and hiding our faces for the past 2 years. With things heading back to normal, the focus is squarely back on the face. It has opened up our eyes and put our lips on show. Think glossy lids and mirror-finish lips. Compliment this with glossy, shiny, simple yet fabulous hair, highlighting the makeup and making it the real champion in every look."